• Minor Repairs (Price upon Inspection)

  • We service and repair cars of all luxury brands. Be it minor repairs or sourcing hard to get spares, our team is on the job like pros. You can rest assured your very valuable wheels are in safe hands. From Mercedes to Audi, BMW to Jaguar, Range Rovers, Volvos and all the rest, we have a wealth of skill and experience to restore any lost sheen and speed to your prized wheels.
  • If you own a car service, the regular upkeep, service and maintenance of the fleet is essential. Well leave the details to us. We will have every last car fine tuned and raring to go so that you never have to deny a client a smooth ride.
    Fleet Detailing(Price upon Inspection)
  • Car Servicing

    Express Service (Recommended Once in 6 months)
    Services Included are
    Engine Oil Change
    Oil Filter Replacement
    All fluids Check & Top Up ( Coolant/Radiator Liquid/Power Steering Liquid/Wiper liquid)
    AC Filter Cleaning
    Air Filter Cleaning
    Car Wash
    Test Drive & General Health Check Up Report
    Comprehensive Service (Recommended once a year)
    Services included are
    Engine Oil Change
    All fluids check & Top Up
    AC Filter Cleaning
    Air Filter Replacement
    Car Wash
    Interior Cleaning
    Brake Check & Cleaning
    Test Drive & General Health Check Up Report
  • If you ever find yourself with a broken lock or missing key, worry not! Our lock experts will have your car locks fixed and/or make you a new set of keys based on your car model and your requirements. Lock Repairs(Price Upon Inspection)
  • Brake Servicing

    Ensure that your brakes are in good shape with our brake services such as inspection, repairs and replacement of brake components like fluid , pads and belts.
  • If your car is not cool enough and that’s making you sweat, worry not. We have a full range of AC repair and maintenance services from simple inspection and checks to repairs and replacement..In either case we will ensure once we are done with your AC your interiors will be back to being cool and comfy.
  • Denting & Painting

    If you have been unfortunate to have been in some sort of minor or major accident and have come out of it with a few bumps on your car, worry not. Our expert team of denters and painters will have those bumps and dents out and your car can go back to looking like its usual glorious self again. We can also give your car a fresh coat of paint or change the color as per your requirements.
  • Expert Diagnosis

    Ever been in a situation when the instrument panel has some lights on and your car won’t start or probably not function the way it is supposed to. What do u do?? Well no need for you to panic. We have a range of sophisticated scanners that will identify and find the perfect solution to whatever electronic problem that your car may have. From our everyday heroes like Marutis and Hyundais to the luxury cars like BMWs and Mercedes we are equipped to correctly diagnose all of their electronic related woes with a few taps and clicks.
  • Exterior Cleaning & Polishing

    While you are comfortable within the belly of your beast, the car exteriors are subject to various conditions from dust and dirt to the elements of weather and pollution. From dust to dirt and scratches, our exterior cleaning services will restore the lost sheen of your car. Sometimes, a simple wash may suffice.. But if you want an extra sparkle, we do have comprehensive services for exterior cleaning and polishing that will make all those marks of everyday wear and tear like scratches disappear and make your car look spotless.
  • Interior Cleaning

    You don’t always need a luxury car to have a luxury experience every time you step out in your four wheeled friend. Let pristine interiors give you the joy of your first car ride every ride. Make your interiors shine with our range of cleaning solutions. We will have your upholstery, dashboard and windows, foot space, seatbelts, door handles and every else within your carcleaned and as good as new. Make every drive a pleasurable one with clean and comfortable interiors. Book an appointment and see how our experts can help with our range of express and comprehensive car spa services