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Car Servicing


Express Service (Recommended Once in 6 months)
Services Included are
Engine Oil Change
Oil Filter Replacement
All fluids Check & Top Up ( Coolant/Radiator Liquid/Power Steering Liquid/Wiper liquid)
AC Filter Cleaning
Air Filter Cleaning
Car Wash
Test Drive & General Health Check Up Report
Comprehensive Service (Recommended once a year)
Services included are
Engine Oil Change
All fluids check & Top Up
AC Filter Cleaning
Air Filter Replacement
Car Wash
Interior Cleaning
Brake Check & Cleaning
Test Drive & General Health Check Up Report
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Services for Complete Car Check Up including

  1. Inspection of Oil Filter
  2. Inspection & refill of Engine Oil
  3. Windshield washer fluid level inspection& Refill
  4. Power steering fluid level inspection& Refill
  5. Transmission fluid level inspection& Refill
  6. Battery terminals and cables inspection for corrosion
  7. Inspection of all lights and turn signals
  8. Inspection of Car Radiator Coolant Levels& Refill
  9. Clutch and clutch pedal Inspection
  10. Brake Inspection with detection of wear and tear of brake pads
  11. Inspection of brake fluid levelsand detection of brake fluid leaks
  12. Inspection of Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Spark Plug
  13. Inspection & Cleaning or Replacement of AC Filter
  14. Inspection of tires
  15. Wheel alignment & balancing

Additional Information

Car type

Hatchback, Premium, Premium SUV, Sedan, SUV


Comprehensive Service, Express Service

Engine Oil

Regular, Regular – 6l Engine, Regular – 8L, Regular -4l engine, Synthetic, Synthetic – 6l Engine, Synthetic-4l engine