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Denting & Painting


If you have been unfortunate to have been in some sort of minor or major accident and have come out of it with a few bumps on your car, worry not. Our expert team of denters and painters will have those bumps and dents out and your car can go back to looking like its usual glorious self again. We can also give your car a fresh coat of paint or change the color as per your requirements.

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Denting & Painting includes:
Vehicle inspection & estimate will be given.
Consultation fee will be waived if the work is done after diagnosis and the billable amount excluding parts & materials is above Rs 5000.
Kindly note that Dupont, 3M, Chevron and/or any other similar products will be used. We recommend painting task to be accompanied with polishing for best results.
If any 3rd party does any work on the body part painted, the warranty will be void.

o   Inspection of full car for denting & painting jobs

o   Denting estimate for each body part

o   Estimate for full/part wise painting

o   Complete exterior car painting estimate
o   Complete scrap down and painting interior & exterior
o   Complete/partial body car polishing

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