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Expert Diagnosis


Ever been in a situation when the instrument panel has some lights on and your car won’t start or probably not function the way it is supposed to. What do u do?? Well no need for you to panic. We have a range of sophisticated scanners that will identify and find the perfect solution to whatever electronic problem that your car may have. From our everyday heroes like Marutis and Hyundais to the luxury cars like BMWs and Mercedes we are equipped to correctly diagnose all of their electronic related woes with a few taps and clicks.

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Expert Diagnosis Includes:

Taking a test drive

Engine Scanning to detect electrical faults with original company approved scanners
Providing detailed report of all faults with the vehicle and estimate for service/repair/replacement
The cost includes for fault finding. Any repair, materials and consumables would be charged in addition to the cost involved.

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Hatchback, Premium, Premium Sedan, Premium SUV, Sedan, SUV