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Exterior Cleaning & Polishing


While you are comfortable within the belly of your beast, the car exteriors are subject to various conditions from dust and dirt to the elements of weather and pollution. From dust to dirt and scratches, our exterior cleaning services will restore the lost sheen of your car. Sometimes, a simple wash may suffice.. But if you want an extra sparkle, we do have comprehensive services for exterior cleaning and polishing that will make all those marks of everyday wear and tear like scratches disappear and make your car look spotless.

Exterior Cleaning & Polishing includes:
1. Windshield & Window Glasses Cleaning
2. Sanding Treatment on Exterior Rubbing Coat on Exterior Exterior Wax Polishing (Buffing Machine)
3. Shampooing of complete car body
4. Tyre cleaning and scrubbing & polishing
5. Waxing and polishing of car body
6. De-carbonizing of alloy wheels
7. Logo polishing / chrome polishing

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Hatchback, Premium, Premium SUV, Sedan, SUV